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ScheduleUX is designed to streamline scheduling for moderated user research.

Research can be easily coordinated for either in-person or remote sessions.


After registering or signing in, you can create a new study using the Create Study link at the top of every page.

You can provide as much or as little information as you want in your study depending on the level of secrecy necessary for your project. While no fields are required, the more information you can provide, the more likely it is that participants will be interested in registering.

We recommend giving each study a meaningful Title to help differentiate the research projects in your Dashboard. It's also helpful to participants to provide a basic Description of the type of research or methodologies involved to help them feel confident going into their sessions.


a picture of the 'in-person' location settings

For In-Person research, you can provide a street address for your office or the research location where your participants should meet you for their sessions.

a picture of the 'remote' location input

For Remote research, you can provide a meeting URL for your research sessions. For remotely conducted research, it is recommended that you include enable a Waiting Room or other access-control feature to prevent participants from inadvertently joining an earlier or later session.



a picture of the 'recurring' dates settings a picture of the 'consecutive' dates settings

The scheduling utility can create any schedule for Single Day, Consecutive, or Recurring sessions.


a picture of the time settings

After choosing your research dates, you can generate a research schedule by inputting the Start Time, End Time, Session Length, and Break Length (if desired). You can also add an arbitrary break in the middle for "lunch" or any other reason you need to split a research day. When your study is generated, the utility will automatically generate as many sessions as possible within your research time-frame without blocking your lunch break or keeping you after hours.

If you are scheduling in a location with multiple timezones or if you would like to schedule in another timezone, you can specify your desired timezone (where/when the research will take place) in the Location section. Participants registering from other timezones will automatically see the available sessions displayed in their local time.

Additional features

Participation Requirements

a picture of the participation-requirement settings

Participants must agree to any participation requirements specified in the Study Basics section before they will be allowed to register. When registering, requirements will be prepended with I am.

Group Sessions

a picture of the study-group settings

In the Limits section, you can enable group sessions. In order to maximize group participation, it's recommended that group sessions are only used on studies with a small number of sessions.

Registration Deadlines

a picture of the registration-deadline settings

For studies that require more time to prepare for or travel to the research location, a registration deadline can be set in the Limits section.

For studies allowing Same-Day registrations, participants can be required to register any number of hours prior to the start of a session.

For studies requiring more time to prepare, participants can be required to register at least 1 day or 1 week in advance.

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