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ScheduleUX has a new look

You may have noticed, we've been polishing up our design. The greens are a little softer; the pages a little brighter; the typography a little more interesting.

We want ScheduleUX to be a site you look forward to visiting, and we hope this new improvement will add a little joy to your day.

We checked our service over twice to make sure we got everything, but if you see something we missed, you can get a bonus week of scheduling on us for every issue you uncover. 🎯

Service should be smooth and seamless for your participants, but please reach out to our team if you have any questions.

Color Me Pink

Love ScheduleUX but need something a little more on-brand? Our color scheme was designed to stand out... but maybe you want to blend in?

Well, starting today you can have it any way you want. Subscribers can now customize the logo and brand-colors that participants will see on study-registration pages. We'll even color the reminder-emails to match. 🌈 🎨 🎉

Visit your account page to customize your branding.

As always, our friendly team is here to help if you need anything at all.

Take A Break

Have you ever signed up for something like an annual gym membership and then later said to yourself "Shoot, I really should've waited until after I got back from spring break"? We sure have! That's why starting today, you can now request to have your subscription paused at any time.

a screenshot of the 'restore' button

When you pause your subscription, you'll be able to sign in and you'll have access to all of your data; we just stop the clock until you're ready to start researching again. ⏱⏸

When you're ready to get back to work, just head to your account page and click the "Restore" button to restart the clock.🔬▶️

If you have any trouble, our friendly team is always here to help. Contact us if you have any questions.

ScheduleUX's FOURTH Birthday

ScheduleUX's fourth birthday is right around the corner and we can't wait to celebrate! 🧁🧁🧁🧁

What's changed

1. We've delivered a lot of new features in the last year including support for Remote Studies on 8 different services, including:

(we also created a generic fallback, but if we missed a service that you want us to include, send us a message and we'll add it)

2. We have a new, faster database 🙌

3. We completed work on our admin portal -- now our sales and support reps will be able to help you with anything that could come up.

4. We have a new look! After two years of our bright green, we've given the site a bit of a facelift. Over the next few weeks we'll bring the new colors and a cohesive new style to the entire site. 🎉

Something for everyone

Last but not least, to celebrate our birthday, we're offering 40% off for all new accounts and subscription renewals.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and encouraged us over the years.

We're so proud of all we've accomplished. We hope ScheduleUX continues to be a valuable tool to the research community for years to come.

New Screening Tools Are Coming Soon

We just finished work on our new Admin Portal, so we're back to working on new features for you.

So we've been thinking... wouldn't it be nice if you could ask for other requirements like I have or maybe ask open-ended like Age or questions with multiple options like gender or education without showing your hand?

Our next major initiative is revamping our screening tools.

Today the screener allows you require participants to agree to I am... statements like I am an amazon customer or I am between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.

In addition to creating new screening options, we're also creating a "participant pool" for you to choose who gets to schedule time -- more power for you; less frustration for our participants. 🥳

We Have A New Database

Big news! ScheduleUX has migrated to a new production DB!

We know normally this isn't the type of thing a companies like to talk about, but we're really excited about the faster load times and improved performance this change brings to the entire platform. 🎉

To celebrate the change, everybody who's tried our service in the past is now eligible for another free trial, and all of our subscribers have have received a free 1-month extension on their subscription. 🤩

Service should be smooth and seamless for everyone, but please reach out to our team if you have any questions.

ScheduleUX Turns 3

It's hard to believe it's been 3 years! At ScheduleUX, we're still working hard to bring you new features.

New features

New pages

Behind the scenes, we've also upgraded our administrative portal to simplify common support tasks. 🎉

From all of us at ScheduleUX, thank you for being a part of this adventure. Here's to another great year of research!

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