Research Safety

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Research is important to improving products, but your safety always comes first.

If you ever feel unsafe as part of a research session, you should leave as quickly as possible and call the police emergency line (911 in the United States) if you believe you may be in danger.

The Truth About Research

At ScheduleUX, our mission is to empower product designers and researchers to more-easily connect with people like you.

Unfortunately, because of the secretive nature of product research, we are not able to independently verify the accuracy or authenticity of any research-postings.

Stay Smart And Tell People Where You're Going

Take appropriate precautions as you would for any encounter with people from the Internet.

If something goes wrong, you should report concerns to us as soon as you're out of harm's way; we want to ensure that we can reach out to other participants and protect them in any way that we can.

We're Here For You

Day or night, you can reach us at

One More Tip


That's All For Now

Stay safe, have fun, and keep researching.

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